There is good news

The rise in infections is causing public concern. But now the virus is considered to be mutated.

Infections will increase. Medical experts have speculated that the severity of the illness may be as mild as the common cold.

As a result, there are rumors that the Q&A policies will change. Professors Most doctors refer to Nay Pyi Taw, so it is likely that the divorce will take place in just two weeks.

Most homeowners are also likely to do home quarantine HQ. It is known that every time you take a swab, you will not get any water. Swab will be added. This is the right and effective way.

It is reported that patients who are infected but do not have any symptoms need to be hospitalized unnecessarily. Then you can focus on the patient who really needs it.

So protect yourself. Stay home as much as you can. Stay as far away as possible. Wear a mask every time you go out. Wash your hands for a while. Q Follow the rules. If you have a travel history, report it. Report any illegal returnees.

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