Singer Rabbit donates to needy grandparents and the needy

Singer-songwriter Yone Lay has won the admiration of his fans because of his artistic ability and his generous spirit.

He recently revealed that he plans to donate to the elderly, the elderly and motorcyclists who are struggling to make ends meet.

The rabbit will go to the donation site tomorrow to donate. Insein Pauktaw 07 hours;

Shwe Pyi Thar Thar Du Lake 8 p.m. Daingon Market at 9 am in front of Moe Thu Office. Sanchaung 12 o’clock; Tamwe 3 hours In front of Kyi Lwin House, North Okkalapa 1 Ward. Old comedian Rice, rice for the elderly and the needy in the elderly. oil, Showe Jel; Mi STAR shoes; We will donate 3 lucky lottery tickets.

Good luck to all of you. Special thanks to all the brothers and sisters who contributed. ” He wrote on his social media page.

The rabbit will donate rice, oil, Showe Jel, Mi STAR shoes and three lottery tickets tomorrow.

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