Kyaw Kyaw Bo says he is 63% satisfied with the hate movie

The hate movie, which depicts the true story of Sayadaw Ashin Sanda Dhika, has received rave reviews from fans. He witnessed the late actor Min Thwe’s elaborate acting skills and filmed his cycle of obsessions.

Hate speech, which has been screened in foreign cinemas and deserves an Academy Award, also features Kyaw Kyaw Bo’s unique script. “I’m almost 63% (exactly) satisfied with myself,” said Kyaw Kyaw Bo, who wrote the book, saying that he was “satisfied with the result” because almost all his friends acted together.

“For the artist, art is the master, and for the businessman, art is just the numbers. Therefore, some artists are the servants of the numbers.” Fans want to know what the real reason behind Kyaw Kyaw Bo’s words is, as well as his intentions.

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