Forty-five thousand special police will be appointed nationwide. Release requirements for applicants

Forty-five thousand special police will be appointed nationwide. According to the Myanmar Police Force, there will be 45,000 special police officers nationwide in the upcoming general election. Police Chief Kyaw Thiha, a spokesman, said.

Police Chief Kyaw Thiha said special police forces had been deployed to polling stations in regions and states, including Naypyidaw.

Applicants must be a Myanmar citizen under the age of 18. People not over 60 years old. He is in good health. People with disabilities; High school diploma He is too short. Do not be overweight.


Community supporters; People who are respected and respected by the people in the area. People who meet the qualifications of the community, such as those who are considered honest, will be selected.

Those who want to apply as a special police officer can register at the relevant township police station, and if they are appointed, they will be paid according to the salaries of the basic police force.

The special police force will be trained from October 1 to 28. In the 2020 general election, there will be more than 40,000 polling stations nationwide.

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