A good remedy for “uterine cancer” in women

I have often heard that patients who are brought home from the hospital are cured by a short course of Burmese medicine.

See you again. A patient who was discharged from the hospital due to uterine cancer. It is better to treat with Myanmar medicine. The patient was in our yard, so I went to ask.

I spoke to the patient, Daw Khin Hlaing, 60 years old. He patiently replied that the patient was refreshed and no longer had the same pain as before. The healing properties of the Burmese herbs were amazing.

The next day I went to the hospital with Dr. Myo Khant Ko Ko, who was attending a postgraduate course in surgery
Went again. Laboratory medical records were released.

According to medical records, the cancer cells had spread and the uterus had been removed, but doctors said he had to be discharged from the hospital.

The patient explained that he drank the root of the blood because he could not get up and vomit even if he drank water without eating or drinking.

After taking the medicine, the whole stomach becomes hot and there is a real feeling of pain in the lower back and urethra. I think the roots are gone.

After about 5 days, the pain subsided and I was able to eat. I have been taking this medicine for a month now. It does not hurt at all. Daw Khin Hlaing explained that she came back because the food was good.

(With the permission of the victim, the place and medicine guide are provided)
Name: Daw Khin Hlaing
Location: Bayintnaung Bridge Project compound

Name of the drug


Pyin Ma River (White Flower)

How to use (1)


Drink about 1 tablespoon of rice water 3 times a day.

How to use (2)


Mix with alcohol and apply.
(Tree and flower for those who have never seen a white tree

Here it is. Those who want roots will donate for charity. You can contact Zin Min Oo (Insein) 09448009757)

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